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  • Kenosha murder suspect Kyle Rittenhouse posts $2 million bond, no longer in custody

    Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teenager accused of killing two men during the Jacob Blake protests in Wisconsin this summer, was released on bail Friday and was released from jail, authorities said.

    MyPillow Inc. founder Michael Lindell and former “Silver Spoons” child actor Ricky Schroder played a key role in “putting us on top” by raising $ 2 million for bail, according to Rittenhouse defense attorney. , Lin Wood.

    Wood tweeted a photo of defense team attorney John Pierce and Schroder hugging and smiling with Rittenhouse.

    “Just on the phone with Kyle. With tears in my eyes, I listened as he expressed his appreciation to The People for their prayers, donations and support,” Wood said in a tweeted statement. “He prayed every day and every night and said that God would pick him up every time he fell. Kyle is a hero. So are his followers. Keep him in your prayers.”

    Schroeder is a prominent Hollywood conservative, while Lindell is a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump. Lindell repeated unfounded conspiracy theories Friday morning that Trump was duped and failed to achieve a landslide victory, in a post Twitter flagged.

    Rittenhouse’s bail was posted around 2 p.m. CST on Friday, and “he is no longer being held in the Kenosha County Jail,” according to a statement from Kenosha County Sheriff’s Sgt. David Wright.

    Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old from Antioch, Illinois, has been charged with first degree manslaughter, first degree reckless murder, attempted first degree manslaughter and other charges related to the death of 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum, and Anthony Huber, 26, on August 25.

    The teenager claimed he was acting in self-defense.

    Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley and attorneys representing Huber could not be immediately reached for comment Friday.

    Rittenhosue said he was on the streets of Kenosha that night, armed with an AR-15 and carrying medical supplies, to protect local businesses and provide first aid that night.

    In a jail time interview with the Washington Post published Thursday, Rittenhouse said he used money from a coronavirus stimulus check to buy the AR-15 with the help of a 19-year-old friend.

    The accused murderer said he does not regret having armed himself with a high-powered weapon.

    “No, I don’t regret it,” he said. “I would have died that night if I hadn’t. I feel like I have to protect myself.”

    Blake, who is black, was shot in the back by a white police officer on August 23 in a confrontation captured by a passerby’s cell phone.

    The shooting sparked days of sometimes violent protests in the southeastern Wisconsin city. Blake’s shot led the Milwaukee Bucks, who normally play their home games 40 miles north, to lead a brief NBA outing.


  • Election 2020 live updates: Pelosi says Republicans ‘engaged in an absurd circus’ and refuse ‘to accept reality’

    USA TODAY information about the 2020 election continues this week after former Vice President Joe Biden won the fierce election against President Donald Trump and states are working to finish counting their remaining votes. Almost all states were referenced at this point as the Trump campaign contested results in multiple states. Meanwhile, Biden continues his move, meeting advisors and world leaders and possibly hiring staff in the coming days and weeks.

    Remember to update this page regularly to get the latest information on how things are going.

    USA TODAY has live election information from across the country.

    Trump has warned of the Democratic-run Senate – which will only happen if Biden and Harris take office
    Does Donald Trump think the end is near? Some of his tweets suggest yes.

    Deliberately or not, Trump retweeted some warnings on Thursday about the possibility of Democrats gaining control of the US Senate – which could only happen if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris become president and vice president. President.

    “If the Democrats take control of the Senate, they want to turn America into a socialist country. The future of our country is at stake,” said Senator David Purdue, a Republican from Georgia. trumpet.

    But Democratic control of the Senate will only happen if Biden and Harris take office.

    Republicans won 50 Senate seats in January. If the Democrats win the January 5 race in Georgia for the remaining two posts in the Senate, they will also control 50 seats – a commitment that the Vice President, who would do so, could break. Harris has got to be if the Democrats take over, as Trump fears.

    Rona McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee, made the same mistake on Wednesday. She tweeted, then deleted, a post describing Harris as a “critical vote” in the Democratic Senate.

    Aides said Trump remained confident that he would win the lawsuits and electoral challenges, and that he would get a second term with Mike Pence as Vice President – and the disagreement vote in the Senate.

  • Elderly couple kidnapped, smuggled into Canada and held hostage by ‘cocaine ring’

    Five men allegedly hoping to recover a large quantity of cocaine, have been accused of kidnapping the grandparents of an associate and transporting them to Canada to hold hostage.

    Five men from Quebec, George Distas, 79, Kosmas Dritsas, 49, Taylor Martin, 36, Franco D’Onofrio, 55, and Gary Arnold, 45, were arrested last Tuesday in connection with the kidnapping, alongside Graigory Brown, 50, from Plattsburgh, New York.

    All of them are facing charges of kidnapping, forcible confinement and extortion for allegedly abducting James Helm Sr, 76, and his wife Sandra Helm, 70, from Moira, New York, and holding them hostage in Canada.

    The couple were abducted from their home on Sunday 27 September and were then taken to Canada, where they were held for two days, according to US authorities.

    The abduction was discovered on Monday 28 September, when Mr Helm did not turn up to work as the town’s highway superintendent, a job he has had for 12 years.

    After one of the couple’s sons went to their house and found the door forcibly opened, he called the local police and they checked surveillance footage from a camera near the home.

    The footage showed Mr Brown arriving at their house in a pickup truck late on Sunday.